Book Reviews

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest – Ken Kesey


My friend Hab gave me the book as my 22nd birthday present. She wrote “It’s one of my most favorite stories and hope you feel the same”

Well, it put a lot of pressure on me. I was then supposed to finish the story quickly and tell her I love it too. But I failed.

The story is about mad men hiding in psychiatric hospital, accepting to be manipulated by the Nurse (forget her name). They were dominated by her rules and seemed to never have the guts to break down their chain, though they KNEW they could. Then McMurphy showed up and woke their tiny sleeping courage to be free, free from the Nurse, free from their own prejudice. The man was a hero, to all of dying bodies in the hospital, he made them want to live again. And yeah, they found their way out of that stuck situation there. However, the hero himself did not make it to get out, having a brain surgery and could hardly get his mind sound. Finally, story teller got to kill him and ran away from the cage-hospital.

Well, it’s good story. But I just do not find it sooo interesting. Cos I like happy things, funny stories, a little scary ok, and I hate stuck (it sucks, sounds like suck too). I don’t know what to tell her now but uhm, “I enjoy the book for 2 months” is not bad idea, right?

Anyway, one thing I like about the story teller. He has no pains, just memories. Everytime he gets stuck, memories drown everything away and he then get back to the real without the pains. That’s what people should do: Forget the pains, retain the good (memories).