Film Reviews

Love, Rosie


I was looking for a romantic film to watch and came across with an article mentioning this. I realized Sam Claflin acting as the main male character so I didn’t hesitate to watch it at once. And I was so into it.

First, I love the British accent of almost all characters in the film. For a while, I could not recognize the accent and barely understand what they said (I still get confused now sometimes) but recently when I can tell it apart from others, I find it really smooth and sexy =)) Listening to their conversation felt like enjoying a song, so lovely!

Secondly, I love the story itself. There will be spoiler if you haven’t watched. It’s about 2 best friends from childhood, sharing almost everything in life. No surprise if they have feelings for each other after such a long time of close relationship. The problem is their timing, it sucks. When Alex wanted to confess, Rosie was always in a stuck situation with another guy and vice versa. When one of them was between dates or even marriages, he/she always thought of the other and wanted to get closer but failed like that. Deep down they knew that they should belong together but they were afraid of waiting desperately so they just moved on. It is such a typical story that none of us have never experience (not just in terms of love) like we always know that we were supposed to do something but we didn’t for several reasons and then deeply regret. That hurts! Anyway this one has a happy ending, unlike most of the stories that happen in real life. It helps motivating a little bit, huh? 🙂

Performance of Sam Claflin and Lily Collins in this film was pretty good, but it was the amazingly beautiful and colorful background scenes and the bright anthem despite all of the touching sadness scattered along the film that made me love it.


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