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Descendants of the sun


I watched all 16 episodes of the Korean drama in 2 days. To be honest it was totally not what I was supposed to do but I just couldn’t help it. It’s a good TV series with most of the details are well-organized to deliver meaningful messages to the young generations, and of course at the same time make some commercial ads subtly. The main plot is the love stories of 2 couples, the ladies work in medical service and the males serve in a special military agent. The males’ jobs are all exhausting as they require not only a plenty of high-pressure physical and mental skills but sometimes also their sacrifice of life. That makes the girls worried most of the time because their boyfriends are always  in danger. The leading female role keeps running from the relationship to avoid the fear but finally she just can’t stand and follow her heart, accepting that it could be broken anytime. The other girl works in the military medical service so she does not have much problem with her lover’s career. Her team just needs to deal with the disapproval of her father, the General Commander, who has the right to give (unfair) order so as to break them up.

They devote their youth to work at their best just like their Swear at the end of the training to be a soldier/doctor. They have to fight pretty much under unfavorable conditions but they just do not give up easily keep the pride of the work. There seems to be no limitations for the characters in the series (that makes it a little surreal). But the fight is true, everywhere on earth. That’s why the film gets a lot of audience’s sympathy and becomes a phenomenon since its release.

For me,  there’s a few point that I really enjoy in this drama:

1.  Beautiful cast. Cannot deny that if the leading roles are not Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo,  I could not care that much and start watching right after the full series is broadcast.

2. Various filming sites. All are well arranged and decorated to make the scenes as real as possible. Foreigners outnumbers Korean cast in the series, I think.

3. Valuable career orientation for the youth. Not every kid now can understand the real work of soldiers or doctors as well as their mottoes. This film helps a lot.

4. Logical emotional development. I share the same thoughts with the female leading role when she was scared of her crush’s job, when she bravely kept her love and when she was broken into pieces hearing he’d never come back to her arms. It would be redundant to praise Korean films for such reasons but still I have to admit.

5. Good OST. Well actually I can just remember my Junsu’s song. But well, music in the film is so smooth and natural that I barely recognize their intervention.

To sum up, I like this one, not enough to get crazy but enough to force myself to write this post, not bad, totally not bad! 🙂




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