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This film reminds me of “Ex Machina” with more sentimetal factors. It’s also about the AI (called the Operational System, taken after Siri, I guess) and its relationship with human beings.

People keep making the AI more human to feel more connected, so it’s obvious that one day they could experience intimacy with such AI. While we, human, use most of our heart to analyze the situation and find proper reaction, the AI would just base on statistics and information “it” gets from the internet that tell them almost all about human behaviors and ways of thinking. How can we know that what they tell us is true and that they are just simply unintentionally “fall in love” like we do? The film has made the answers to those questions from the writer’s point of view and anticipation, and to be honest I couldn’t agree more. Human never ceases to seek for freedom and happiness, how could we not expect that our machinery clones with the same (or even more preeminent) intelligence would not want the same? We cannot control any other individual’s thoughts, how could we do that with the resembling independently thinking system that we created? So at the end, it’s ourselves that we need to upgrade, not just the technology. 

Scarlett Johansson’s voice is extremely sexy in the film, even I myself want to fall in love with any virtual device having such communicating voice. And Theodore also reminds me of a friend, though I know that he (my friend) is really not THAT desperate (and I don’t think I understand him that much to draw such conclusion). It’s really a good film that makes sense not only technologically but also psychologically. But I think that it’s suitable for a lone watcher rather than for a couple.


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