PHP Dept of VMMS – A while to remember

I spent the last 45 days working for the PHP Department of Vietnam Multimedia Service Jsc. It was supposed to be a huge turn in my career path, but I am not brave enough to take the risks and keep going on that path, shame on me! 😞 It was so much fun working with these guys in the Department, though not all of them have interesting characteristics or good sense of humor (that I like). Most of my studying and working time, there were a few male classmates and colleagues. So this is the first time I have the chance to work with so many guys. They are not really cool but I feel so comfortable being with them. So today when saying goodbye, I felt so bad. Not just because of the guys but also because I really enjoy the work, which is spending hours in front of the computer to find bugs in the websites. Sadly, I know that it would take me at least a couple of years to master on this field but my current situation does not allow me to pursue such level. It is lame to say that I cannot live up to my own expection, and I gotta work for money rather than for my passion (or more correctly, my hobby). My excuse is life sucks, I have no better choice. I wish I would have taken the CS as my major 6 years ago. If I had made such decision, I might not have been so miserable like now😢

Anyway, I gotta keep living my life as I had chosen. And I certainly do not hate the upcoming job at all. I just know that I will miss the time working at the PHP Dept a lot and I do hope that I can keep the friendship with these guys there. Goodbye guys!

From Chim with love💕💕💕


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