My notes


10 more days and 2016 is over.

I was so busy recently that I do not have enough time to sleep, let alone writing anything. 2016 should be a year to remember, though most of my statuses stay the same: employed, single, young-buffalo :”>

In March, I quit my job at Otal, where I got too many benefits that many people dream of. But I gotta leave when I felt my existence is meaningless. The longer I stayed, the worse I felt. I knew my boss (my favorite boss of all time) knew my feelings, too and he wished they wouldn’t last long. But they did, so I decided to leave, to take a break after more than 3 years of being an officer, and to spend more time on myself.

First thing I did after that was a freelance job, writing (actually searching and paraphrasing :”>) articles in English. Topics are facts of countries/people and tips of travelling. It was not as cool as I’d thought. I just read tens of same-topic articles, picked up some interesting details, searched for trustworthy sources supporting that detail, and re-wrote so my version would not be plagiarized. I spent hours at home or at the coffee shops (where I never drink coffee) doing the work and felt bored quickly. The only joy of being a freelancer is you can choose when to work as long as you can meet the deadline. Shame on me, I never met the deadlines, always a few hours late :”> I had more time to sleep in the morning, freely chose my workplaces, and did other stuffs when I was not in the mood to work. Wonderful!!! I took CS50 (from Harvard) and basic Python (from MIT) courses on and they were intriguing. I thought about changing my career path to some computer-related fields. But all gotta wait till I finish my Thailand trip.

It was the second time I crossed the border, but this time I did it on sky not on road like last year. Thailand is absolutely good choice for travellers/vacationers. People are cute (of course not all of them, like in every other country) food is good (sometimes too much chilies) and places are nice. A week around Thailand seemed not enough as there are too many places left I have not had the chance to visit. I would come back some day.

After the trip, I started finding jobs. I was so confused when deciding which path my career would go. I went to some interviews, some failed, some succeeded, I got offers but then I rejected all. I felt something wrong when I did not try doing something new. And then I applied for the tester trainee at PHP – VMMS. Only one and a half month there and I quit, knowing that it was not really an ideal path for me as I expected. Anyway it was totally not a waste of time because without trying this, I might regret for the rest of my life, asking myself “Why didn’t try when you have the chance?”

I landed here, Kuehne-Nagel, a freight forwarder, right after leaving PHP Dept. I applied for the Documentation position and I thought it sucks. But turns out it’s not “that suck”. I spent more than 2 weeks just for training of company rules, working systems and it’s still a mess in my mind right now. From the very first day on-job training, I was overwhelmed just like everyone there. It’s not a 8-hour job, I work more than 10 hours/day and some still left undone. I am scared. Seriously. I don’t think I could take it as a permanent job. But at the same time, it’s so much similar to my desired job (keeping me busy all day). I always want to put in efforts everyday at work. So I am still trying to overcome this first phrase. I do hope that I could stay longer here though it’s harsh. But I felt alive when I can devote all myself. I’m weird, I know. And for the 2017 to come, I hope things will be brighter for me, and my statuses…


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