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La La Land


First, happy new year! ! ! (Both solar and lunar new year)

Before the Tet holiday was the peak season of my current job, also it was my very first experience as an official employee and I was truly exhausted. But I felt good, really. Even though I had to stay at the office till 9-10pm almost days back then. Things seem to be brighter now but well big trouble is still lying ahead, waving its welcome hand at me evilly. I was allocated to a different position, same team, with more difficult challenges. Some people told me not to accept such allocation as I’m still new to the work, but I feel eager. Haha, yeah, I’m stupid and stubborn that way.

Anyway, that’s some update of my recent life, just a few days before I could enjoy my Tet holiday by staying at home, sleeping, chilling, watching movies and series. Wonderful! ! ! I watched Dr. Strange, The fantastic beasts and where to find them, La La Land and season 4 of Sherlock. I would write another post for Sherlock, this one is for La La Land, tge only movie I like of the three.


At first I thought La La Land was about romantic love and had a happy ending like The Notebook, Love Rosie, blabla… and it is. Plot is not new: main characters (handsome guy, beautiful girl) fall in love after several times of meeting by chance though they appeared to be hard to get along at first. Then their love hits challenges that make it stronger and make themselves grownups, no longer dreamers as they used to be. Their dreams finally come true but they are together no more. What a harsh ending, but it’s still the most realistic details of the whole film and, of course, makes the film worth watching.

I really enjoyed the music in the movie, wondering if it’s authentic Jazz or not. I can’t relate to myself as I have no dream but as the female character (I forgot the name already T.T) said “People love when they see other’s passion”. I believe many people are like me, moved by the way main characters fight for their dreams determinedly. Hard work returns great result, they all reach their targets but being apart is part of the cost. In a different world (La La Land, maybe) where they do not have to suffer from too many misjudgements and hardnesses, they might be in the same picture of glory, getting all they’ve ever dreamt of and having each other. But life sucks, so, welcome to this world!

I like this film, really like it


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      1. Haha Oh really! That’s a shame because I was wondering if you might like to see some of your writing on Moviepilot. Let me know if I can help with that 🙂


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